About Us

Sumitomo Drive Technologies has been a trusted provider of quality power transmission solutions for over 130 years.  This experience have made us a leading manufacturer of power transmission and controls around the globe.

Since 1966, we have served the North and South American region by providing sales and support to customers in a variety of industries.  Whether it’s a new or legacy industry, we have the capability to provide you with off-the-shelf or engineered solutions.

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Sumitomo Drive Technologies has over 20 facilities dedicated to serving the growing gearbox markets across North and South America.  Click here to learn more about our facilities, corporate capabilities, or breadth and depth of our product offerings. 


At Sumitomo Drive Technologies, our employees are at the heart of our reputation for innovation, which has made us a global leader in power transmission and control solutions. We invite you to view our career opportunities below and bring your knowledge to our team.

Six Important Tips on Gearbox Maintenance.

Read these six steps we recommend including in your routine maintenance plan. These suggestions will assist any plant maintenance team get the best performance and working life out of each industrial gearbox. ...

Sumitomo is Ready for Updated Energy Requirements in EU.

Effective July 1st, 2021, the EU Ecodesign Energy Efficiency regulation requires that electric motors rated for 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, and 3/4HP with continuous duty to meet the IE2 minimum efficiency level. Sumitomo Drive Technologies is now offering any customer who exports to EU/UK our new CE/IE3 integral gearmotors. ...


Harness more than 70 years of knowledge in the power transmission and controls industry. Our sales and service teams worldwide work seamlessly to create the reliable solutions that you need. Contact our experts today.