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We offer gearmotors tailored to the unique requirements of the food and beverage industry. From extreme temperatures to caustic high-pressure wash-down environments, we provide solutions that meet your demands.

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Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada are recommending higher levels of bacteria control in food and beverage handling environments. Equipment utilized within food handling facilities must be capable of withstanding long-term exposure of chemical washdowns and without external degradation or compromise in performance. Recognizing this, we have developed solutions that will meet your most stringent guidelines. 

We meet the unique requirements of this industry, unlike any other manufacturer, with a line-up of products including:

  • Food grade harsh duty cassette sealing solutions
  • NSF H1 food grade lubricant
  • SHIELD360°® paint protection product line
  • IP69K certified gear reducers
  • Stainless steel gear reducers

Key Facts

Shock-load capacity on Cyclo® reducers and gearmotors.
Warranty against defects in manufacturing and labor.
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Case Studies

Our speed reducers are proven in millions of installations worldwide and are built to last.  They are known among industry leaders as one of the best gear drives available. Take a look at companies like yours who have taken the Sumitomo challenge and tested us on their application.

Products for Food and Beverage

"We standardize on Sumitomo drives in our plant. Over the years those drives have proven to be reliable and the most important “maintenance free” as we call them.

Minimizing downtime and men hours of reactive and preventing maintenance allows us to focus on other aspects of our business improving speeds and efficiencies without worrying about gear boxes and reduction units."


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