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Hansen P4 Multistage - Vertical

Dedicated Gearbox series to measure all vertical applications

  • Specific vertical housing - available in 20 sizes from 3 to 1100 kNm output torque.
  • Increased bearing span for robustness against high overhung loads.
  • Mounting feet symmetric around low speed shaft to evenly distribute loads.
  • Service friendly with split plane and maintenance-free sealing system.
  • Powerful Hansen P4 gear geometry for low noise and vibration levels.
  • Designed for heavy-duty applications: Cooling towers, Mixers, Toasters, Pulpers and more.


Key Product Facts

9.7M lb-in
Maximum Nominal output Torque. Custom options larger upon request.
20 sizes
Parallel and Right Angle gearboxes
2/3/4 stages
A wide range of reduction ratios

Advantages of Hansen P4 Vertical Series

Dedicated Vertical Housing
Rounded design, Smooth transition of high forces from centre bore to mounting feet
Extreme High Overhung Loads
A wide range of Robust bearing arrangements and flange configurations
Maintenance-Friendly Split Housing
Horizontally above the oil level for ease of inspection and maintenance
Leakage-Free Sealing Systems
Drywell at the low speed shaft and maintenance free Oil-lock at the high speed shaft
Reliable Lubrication
Lower oil level, Less losses, Better thermal rating & Longer oil life
Instruments & Accessories
Condition monitoring instruments, Cooling devices & Complete Drive Packages (including base plates or lantern housings, motors, couplings,...)

Extreme High Overhung Loads

  • Rigid dedicated Hansen P4 housing design to ensure smooth transition of high forces from the centre bore to the mounting feet, which are positioned concentric to the low speed shaft.
  • Possibility for extended bearing housing integrated in the housing casting and a wide range of robust bearing arrangements provides extremely high thrust load and bending moment capacity.

Oil-tight drywell

The standard integrated drywell prevents oil from leaking along the low speed shaft at any circumstances.

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