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Our gear reducers are as diversified as the industry itself supporting nearly every application in the pulp milling and paper manufacturing process.

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Paper Manufacturing

Pulp mills convert wood chips or other plant fibers into thick fiber boards that undergo further processing at paper mills. Pulp mills typically use large amounts of energy, so equipment efficiency is important. 

Sumitomo Drive Technologies has reliable, high efficiency gear drives for nearly every application in the pulping process: debarking, chipping, and digesting; “wet end” processes of washing, bleaching, blending and cleaning; “dry end” processes of the press section and dryers; finishing, and cutting. 

We match our gear reducers to your application and offer proven reliability under the most severe conditions. 

What Sperates us from the Competition?

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Our speed reducers are proven in millions of installations worldwide and are built to last. They are known among industry leaders as one of the best gear drives available. Take a look at companies like yours who have taken the Sumitomo challenge and tested us on their application.

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