Fast, Consistent and Fine Control is what Sumitomo Gear Drives provides for your textile operations to run smoothly.

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Fast, reliable and precise solutions

In today’s production landscape of highly-specialized applications you require fast, reliable and extremely-precise components. This is especially true in the textile industry where high quality and consistency are required in every application. Sumitomo Drive Technologies provide those solutions that thrive in the rigorous environments of the textile industry.

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"As far as we have been able to determine, there are no other directly coupled schemes for accomplishing this fine control of yarn so conveniently, so economically, and so reliably."

Textile Manufacturer
Montreal, Canada

"We need high precision in maintaining speed relationships between critical machine components. The speed relationships are locked by gear ratios…. But we must be able to vary the speed of the winder independently and with sufficient precision to give us fine control of package density and of yarn tension. Sumitomo does this so conveniently, economically and reliably."

Textile Manufacturer
Montreal, Canada