Reliable and efficient, Sumitomo geardrives keep your global production lines running smoothly. Choose from a premium lineup of reducers for your automotive systems.


Automotive Manufacturing

Among automotive manufacturers' most common goals are increasing line speed, reducing downtime, cutting production costs or, ideally, achieving all three of these simultaneously. Sumitomo Drive Technologies’ geardrives are highly efficient and compact, which boosts your productivity.

In addition, we offer Motion Control Drives, such as our Fine Cyclo® and IB Precision Gearheads, which are commonly used in industrial robots and for palletizing equipment.

What separates us from the competition?

2 Year
500 %
Shock load capacity with Cyclo units
24/7 Service
Available after hours

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Our customer originally introduced us to Sumitomo via their specifications. Upon using Sumitomo for many successful projects, we adapted Sumitomo Cyclo® & Buddyboxes as our standard. We have utilized Sumitomo reducers for many demanding applications and to date have not had a single failure or warranty-call related to the reducers.

Mechanical Lifter Manufacturer for Auto Plants
El Segundo, CA

Based on my experience with Sumitomo, I can honestly say that Sumitomo has earned our business with reliable delivery of high quality gearmotors and the ability to support us with our ongoing and new product development efforts. Just as importantly, Sumitomo gear prices and performance continually proves to be of the highest value for retaining our position as the market leader."

Automotive Parts Manufacturer
Loveland, OH