Cyclo Smart condition monitoring system
Photo of BBB5 with CycloSmart attachment
Cyclo Smart condition monitoring system
Photo of BBB5 with CycloSmart attachment


Smart, Safe, and Simple. CycloSmart® offers predictive maintenance for conventional and unconventional gearboxes.

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The CycloSmart® monitoring system provides predictive maintenance by notifying you—via local ethernet or broadcast—if your machine needs attention.

  • Increase machine up-time
  • Avoid catastrophic failure
  • Conveniently schedule maintenance
  • Great for new or existing installations
  • Meet your Industry 4.0 goals
  Electrical data Mechanical data Miscellaneous
Diagnostic Electronic Operating voltage [V] : 24 DC± 20 % * Current consumption [mA] : 200 (24 V) D DIN Rail Mounting 4 vibration inputs per system. Configurable TCP/IP address. ProfiNET and EthernetIP versions available. 2 4-20 mA inputs.
Power Supply (Optional) Input voltage range: 100…240 AC (± 10 %) DIN Rail Mounting  ---
Vibration Sensor Operating voltage : 9 DC Mounting Screw (15, M5 x 20)  ---

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Through it's unique and simple interface, CycloSmart® offers a departure from typical vibration monitoring equipment. With an intelligent, self-learning software, the CycloSmart® system will adapt to your application and identify any deviation from normal operation. Cyclo's rarely fail, however CycloSmart®offers the only predictive maintenance equipment designed specifically with Cyclo® in mind. Additionally, it can be used on any conventional gearbox to provide real time diagnostics and alerts to help prevent catastrophic failures.

Key Features


Vibration monitoring for critical machines


Maintenance intervals are planned in advance


Machine diagnostics for early warning and detection to avoid failure


Increasing machine up-time, being able to schedule downtime


Lower overall ownership cost


Multi-reducer monitoring

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