Out-mine your competition with the right equipment. We offer the most resilient speed reducers on the market that perform in severe operating conditions.  


Mining Industry

The mining industry places heavy demands on power transmission drives. Harsh operating conditions, high shock loads, dirt, moisture, and corrosive environments take a heavy toll on the equipment that keeps your operation moving. Your gear drives must be rugged, reliable, and efficient. Strength, power, and performance are not optional. 

We offer tough, reliable gear reducers designed to withstand severe shock loads and harsh environments, maximizing equipment performance at any stage of your mining operation.

Key Features

Reducers designed to withstand the most severe applications
Our reducers offer reliability at every stage in the extraction of minerals
Reducers and gearmotors with high efficiency and low maintenance.
Dedicated Products
For each application - a dedicated solution
Wide Range of Products
One provider for all your needs
Engineering Excellence
Globally, our R&D Engineers are continuously developing reliable and cost-effective products and solutions.

What separates us from the competition?

100 Years
Providing power transmission solutions in the Mining Industry
10 +
Manufacturing facilities worldwide
100 %
Interchangeable and customizable reducers, according to your needs

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