Cyclo® Bevel Buddybox® 4 Series Reducer

Right-Angle Spiral-Bevel Reducers with Cyclo® Input

Robust, state-of-the-art, spiral-bevel reducers. 

  • All-Steel Internal Components
  • Highly Efficient
  • Standard Ductile-Iron Housing
  • Integrated-Cycloidal Technology
  • Maintenance-Free Options Available



Cyclo® BBB4

The Cyclo® BBB4 combines the strength and flexibility of the Cyclo® gear reducer and a single-stage right-angle spiral-bevel gearbox in a rugged right-angle gearbox design. With a 24-month warranty, regardless of hours of operation, the Cyclo® BBB4 is an excellent choice for applications in material handling, asphalt mixers, specialty machine industries, conveyors, and other applications requiring right-angle speed reducers.

Key Facts

94 %
18,000 Nm
Torque Capacity
75 kW
Max Rating


Taper Grip® Bushing System
The keyless Taper-Grip® bushing system provides simple and reliable installation without the need for a custom shaft.
Ductile Iron Housing
New ductile-iron housing is twice as strong as cast iron, making it one of the most rugged bevel gearboxes available
Increased Overhung Load Capacity
Cyclo® BBB4 has over 375% overhung load capacity than previous models
Increased Ratings
The newly designed Cyclo® BBB4 series has been optimized for increased power ratings over the previous generations
New Larger Size
New F Size yields higher torque and can accommodate larger shaft diameters
New Ratios Available
46 standard and 87 optional ratios added
Unified Lubrication System
Single oil-bath lubrication system for easy maintenance and higher performance.
Compact Design
The most torque-dense right-angle gearbox design available in the industry. The new ductile-iron housing allows for higher radial load in a small, compact design.
Optional Taconite Seal System
Heavy-duty, fortified, grease purgeable system withstands the most demanding applications.

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