Power Generation

Energy savings help energy production. We offer a wide range of gear drives that deliver high efficiency in power generation.

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Power Generation

The demand for electricity in our world requires that power plants operate 24/7. Power plants need to ensure that essential systems and other applications run at their highest production levels without failure. 

Understanding the complexity and needs of your clients, we have dedicated gear drive solutions for several applications, such as cooling towers. With 3 product lines specialized for this application, we are market leaders in supplying medium and large reducers for cooling towers.

We offer reliable reducers and gearmotors with low maintenance and extreme efficiency for the generation of power. Install a Sumitomo gear reducer to minimize your interruptions and downtime. 

What separates us from the competition?

90 %
Efficiency, even at high reduction ratios
2 Year
24/7 Service
Available after hours

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"We have been using the HBB, BBB and HSM products for over 20 years, mainly for blowing woodchips out of the silos with screw conveyor type applications. The reason we like these gearboxes is because of the quick change-out on service. The Taper-Grip bushing allows us to easily dismantle the unit. The serviceability and reliability is why we're going to stay with Sumitomo."

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