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Cyclo® Reducer

Our best-selling reducer with high strength and reliability, thanks to the unique Cyclo® mechanism.

  • With its long history and delivery record, it has become synonymous with the term speed reducer.
  • Unique Cyclo® mechanism results in high durability and extended operating life.
  • Wide variety of products available that take advantage of this technology.
  • Select the best product to meet your needs from a wide range of capacities and reduction ratios.
Output Shaft Solid shaft
Output Shaft Direction(s) Any Mounting Direction (horizontal, vertical downward, vertical upward)
Mounting Style Foot Mount, Flange Mount, Case Mount
Frame Size 56 sizes (output stages)
Reduction Ratio 2.5:1 - 658503:1
Rated Torque 24 - 68200 N⋅m


of history
Durable reducer with long product life
High reduction ratio

Product Features

Break-Resistant Teeth

The "cycloidal disc" has a unique and smooth curve, which together with its smooth rolling contact, prevents tooth breakage, resulting in a durable product with a long product life.

Broad Variation

Choose the product that best fits your needs from a wide selection, including capacities of 0.1 - 132 kW, reduction ratios of 2.5 - 658503, as well as outdoor and explosion-proof motor types.

Service Factor Selection

Choose from any Service Factor. Reducer frame sizes can be increased independently, without increasing motor capacity.

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Break-Resistant Teeth

Unlike a regular involute tooth-gear, the "cycloidal disc," which is the gear for the Cyclo® Reducer, features a distinctively smooth curve.
A unique circular-arc tooth profile is also used for the internal gear. The smooth rolling contact that prevents tooth breakage results in a durable gearbox with a long service life. (Some low reduction ratio models use helical gears and planetary gears.)

Products for Various Applications

A variety of products are offered to suit any application.
You can choose the product that best meets your specific application needs.

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The Cyclo speed reducer, by virtue of its smooth, almost frictionless operation (unlike traditional helical gears), has a thermal rating that far exceeds its mechanical capacity, and all but eliminates the conventional limitations due to heat.

In general terms, the speeds are 1750 and 1165 RPM. The selection tables in our catalog are based on 1750, 1165, 870, 580, and 50 RPM. When non-standard input speeds are used, the kilowatt (or horsepower) and torque ratings also vary.

This is because Cyclo has a high teeth engagement rate. Since the Cyclo gearing has two-thirds of its reduction components in contact at all time, it can withstand higher shock loads and is more stable than traditional involute gearing.

Cyclo® is a type of internal planetary gear. The planetary gear has cycloidal-shaped teeth. All torque-transmitting parts roll, not grind. Unlike the normal involute teeth with limited contact points, a Cyclo has two-thirds of its reduction components in contact at all times. Multiple teeth share the load, so therefore the Cyclo® is not susceptible to tooth breakage.

Models having an "N" after the nomenclature symbol "C (Cyclo)," are universal mounting models that can be mounted in any direction . However, when there is an "H (horizontal)," "V (vertical with slow speed shaft downward)" or "W (vertical type with slow speed shaft upward)," after the "C," the unit cannot be mounted in any direction other than the one specified.

Mounting bolts are not included. Refer to the maintenance manual for mounting bolt specifications.

Theoretically any combination is available by multiplying single reduction ratios: 6, 8, 11, 13, 15, 17, 21, 25, 29, 35, 43, 51, 59, 71, 87, and 119:1.

To select the proper reducer for your application, you need to know: Application: type of driven machine 
Hours of operation per day 
Motor horsepower (HP) and speed (RPM) 
Mounting position 
Ambient environment (altitude, dusty, chemical, explosive, water) 
Ambient temperature and humidity 
You must also note any special environment factors or operational requirements. This information will be important in determining your application's service factor.

Generally, Cyclo® Drives allow for input at 3600r/min for up to 3HP, 6:1 to 87:1 ratio. For more than 3HP, it varies depending on frame size and reduction ratio. Many Cyclo models can accept input speeds of up to 3,600 RPM. However, the maximum allowable input speed is dependent upon the model number and the reduction ratio.

Selection should be made based on required Service factor. The Service Factor value depends on the load characteristics and operation time for the customer’s application.

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