Hansen P4 UniMiner

Hansen Industrial Gearboxes - P4 Alignment-Free Drive

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The P4 UniMiner gear units are compact and optimized for mining and other applications involving bulk-material handling.

  • Drop-In replacement for most alignment-free drives
  • Split-housing design
  • Compact to fit tight spaces
  • Variety of accessories to meet your needs

Key Facts

7 Sizes
Up to 100,445 Nm and 7.5in. (190mm) Shaft Size
Drop IN
Drop-in for Model R, as well as sizes 405, 425, and 2090.
71:1 Ratio
From 8:1 to 71:1, custom ratios can meet your needs.
Universal, flippable, alignment-free housing design with pilot for lantern housing along with horizontal-split housing for easy maintenance
Easy Maintenance
Accessible covers for service on-the-spot inspection and maintenance, as well as optimized-bearing selections for longer service life
Precision carburized and ground gearing delivers maximum capacity, minimal loss and quiet operation. Low-noise geometry in high-speed gear sets
Oil Guard™
Dynamic drain-back, maintains positive lubrication of high-speed shaft
Standard epoxy paint withstands harsh mining environments. Rugged steel-cased, filtered breathers are suitable for dusty environments
Wide variety of motor-installation accessories include: lantern housings, scoop brackets, common bases, and belt-drive arrangements
Shaft sealing incorporates dual grease-purgeable seals (Split-seal retainers available as an option)
Standard UniMiner built for 3 degrees of tilt in all directions
Choose from a variety of mounting options to meet your needs. Solid Shaft, Keyed-Hollow Bore, or Shrink Disc options are available.

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