Inverter HF-430α Series

High-Performance Sensorless Vector Inverter with Built-In Noise Filter

  • Sensorless vector control ensures gearmotor start-up.
  • Built-in noise filter reduces noise.
  • Use the communications software on your PC to centrally manage inverter parameter settings.
  • Compliant with d2G4.

Product Features

Powerful Inverter Ideal for Gearmotors
Sensorless vector control ensures reliable gearmotor start-up.
(Start-up torque 200% and above / when combined with inverter motor)
High Precision Speed Control
Compatible with vector control with PG. (Optional)
Built-In Noise Filter Reduces Noise
Standard EMC noise filter reduces noise from the inverter.
Standalone inverter supports EMC protocols.
Superior Ease of Operation
Parameter settings can be managed on your PC.
Easy Maintenance
Long-lasting parts are used in the smoothing condensers and cooling fans (10 years design lifetime).
You can check the maintenance timing via the life notice signals.
Communications and Networking Support
RS-485 Modbus-RTU port is standard. Optional circuit board supports open networks such as CC-Link and Device Net.

PC communications software

Parameter settings can be managed on your PC.

  • PC Communications Software: SAFS001