Avoid Mechanical Failure with IIoT Technology

Mechanical failure will always be a significant pain point in the manufacturing industry. It causes unexpected production gaps, unplanned downtime, lost revenue, and more. Many larger facilities have hundreds, if not thousands, of small and industrial gearboxes in operation daily. Rarely, there are enough maintenance technicians to perform the required oil replenishment and maintenance. We’ve seen that companies often decide to refrain from performing essential maintenance to the equipment to save on cost and time. The cost savings is only short-term.

Technology has come a long way to help better track and manage industrial gearbox conditions. Using smart IIoT products like our CycloSmart® is key to planning maintenance and preventing unplanned downtime.

Through its unique and simple interface, CycloSmart® offers a departure from typical vibration monitoring equipment. With an intelligent, self-learning software, the CycloSmart® system will adapt to your application and identify any deviation from regular operation. Our Cyclo rarely fails. However, CycloSmart® offers the only predictive maintenance equipment explicitly designed with Cyclo® in mind. Additionally, it can be used on any conventional gearbox to provide real-time diagnostics and alerts to prevent catastrophic failures.

CycloSmart for Industrial Gearboxes

We encourage all facilities to take advantage of the new technologies emerging from the Industrial Internet of Things. Installing IIoT devices will significantly cut repair time, deliver higher overall equipment effectiveness, and improve maintenance costs.

Using these new tools, companies can expect a more expansive view of their industrial gearboxes that is more reliable, secure, accurate, and automated. With algorithms providing real-time performance analytics with actionable alerts--the future is here. IIOT tools like CycloSmart can specify which gearbox has the issue, address the problem, and reveal how to solve it.

Here are six significant ways Sumitomo can make the life of your maintenance team easier with Smart Gearbox technology.


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