Be Brazen With Our New Bevel BuddyBox H Series

BBH Industrial Gearbox


Our brazen new member of the Bevel BuddyBox series has arrived. Meet the BBB-H industrial gearbox.

Unit Material Handling (UMH) systems i.e. Airport Baggage Handling (ABH), Distribution Centers (DC), and Parcel Handling (PH) systems, of global demand are on the rise more so than most other industries. In general, UMH applications are becoming more demanding, by way of requiring higher capability, higher control level, greater safety protocols, and most importantly higher efficiency to reduce the carbon footprint. Due to advancing economies, the world is getting smaller and the UMH industry is the benefactor of these changes. As a result of this global marketplace, component manufacturers must be properly positioned to compete on such a large platform. Hence, Sumitomo Drive Technologies has to be leading this innovation turning point by adding the BBB-H gearmotor to our product portfolio.


The combination of a Bevel input and a Helical output make this new unit extremely efficient with the capacity for input speeds up to 3,600 rpm. Dependable hardened steel gearing inside a lightweight, compact housing allows for easy installation with less load on the head staff. Aluminum construction provides high thermal capacity.


This industrial gearbox also features maintenance-free grease lubrication enables the unit to be mounted in any orientations without custom modifications. The increased efficiency of the BBB-H allows for use of a smaller motor, resulting in the same performance with much lower operational costs and less unscheduled downtime. Its power and speed make this gearmotor perfect for airport baggage handling and general conveying applications.



About Sumitomo Drive Technologies

At Sumitomo Drive Technologies, we work hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure that their industrial gearboxes, speed reducers, and accessories remain operational for years to come. Many of our products have been in high-speed and harsh environments for years. Clients make the switch to Sumitomo to experience that durability and decrease the amount of unscheduled downtime and maintenance in their facility. We ensure that every unit we design or repair leaves our Unites States' facilities quickly to keep your application up and running. Please call us at 1.800.762.9256 or contact us by email to receive a quote for your facility or information about our industrial gearbox repair services. We will be glad to tell you more about our products and connect you to a representative in your area.


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