What You Need to Know About Proper Lubrication for Industrial Gearboxes

Lubrication for Industrial Gearboxes

Gearbox lubrication is like the blood in your body. It's essential things in gearbox operation and vital to all rotating elements. Oil and grease are the two main lubrication you'll see in gearboxes.

The primary failure we see with lubrication failures is poor maintenance. That means you're not changing the oil, or we've mixed oils and greases, and perhaps the oil has been contaminated. The most common problem is the oil is spent or the grease no longer a grease anymore. It is separated, and it's no longer doing what it's designed to do.

You got to keep the oil changed. You got to make sure the oil is the correct oil needed in your gearbox. The same thing goes with grease. Make sure to follow the OEM manual to ensure you've got the right lubricant.

As we said, when a gearbox is sent to us for analysis and repair, our aftermarket team opens the gearbox up and sees that the oil is spent, the gears are broken, or there's a lot of acidic-base buildup throughout the gearbox. From this, we know that the gearbox has not been appropriately maintained over the years. Or, in some cases, the oil was never changed, or the grease was never replenished. Dust is not an acceptable lubricant. 

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Of course, there are two simple ways to prevent that. 

1) Make sure you got the right oil in the gearbox by double-checking your OEM Manual

2) Make sure that your oil temperatures are suitable by using a thermal imagery gun.


Lubrication guys will tell you that running up to 200 degrees is okay, but you're going to be changing your oil all the time, and that's expensive. Everybody talks about speed kills, well, in gearboxes, temperature kills, and the temperature is typically the first indicator that something is going wrong. The temperature climbs up pretty fast, and then it doesn't stabilize, which is terrible.

It doesn't take any time to check it. That's what's important throughout this event. Things happen; you want to eliminate as much damage as possible by catching it as quickly as possible.

After a long operation period, oil analysis is the best way to keep on top of your gearbox. So if you have something already in operation for two, three, five, ten, twenty years, start with a good sampling program. Then, go back and review your ambient operating temperatures and review the OEM manual and make sure that the oil you have in there is what we recommend; that's important. Again, dust is not an acceptable lubricant.

If you have any questions on what kind of oil you need for your operating environment--contact us!

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