Four Reasons Your Company Needs Condition Monitoring Tools ASAP

Condition monitoring has become an innovative way to prevent unplanned industrial gearbox downtime (which can save thousands!) Technology has come a long way to help better track and manage industrial gearbox conditions. This technology is a proactive way of repairing malfunctioning gearboxes before they cause massive problems.

A surprising conclusion from a study by Oneserve states that defective machinery and broken components cost UK manufacturing companies over 180 billion pounds (USD 266 billion) annually. That’s a devastating amount of wasted productivity and money for something so avoidable.

If that statistic alone isn’t enough to prove the benefits of condition monitoring with tools like our CycloSmart, we’ve gathered four reasons why condition monitoring is the future of the manufacturing industry.

CycloSmart for Industrial Gearboxes

1) Reduce Your Maintenance Burden

The foremost benefit of condition monitoring is reducing maintenance costs. Simply repairing the gearbox every time they break but not doing much maintenance can initially lower costs, but it will always be more costly down the road. 

Moreover, broken gearboxes can have a ripple effect, and cause problems to other gearboxes and machinery. Manufacturers report that hidden internal faults cause 53% of machine downtime.’ These faults are practically impossible to trace without predictive maintenance techniques. Reports show that gearbox condition monitoring is a worthwhile investment for any manufacturing company that values reliability.


2) Extend the Life of Your Gearboxes

Condition monitoring can even help to prolong the life of industrial gearboxes. Sumitomo gearboxes such as our Cyclo and Bevel BuddyBox products are manufactured with top-quality parts and made to last. Recent studies show that repairing gearboxes instead of replacing them can save up to 40% of the maintenance costs and boost overall performance levels. 


3) Maximize Your Production

On average, defective and damaged gearboxes cost manufacturers 50 hours of productivity every year. Those hours of unplanned downtime can slash into your potential profit margin. and negatively affect production goals and schedules.


4) Schedule and Prioritize Maintenance Projects

With constant and reliable updates about your gearboxes, you will have a real-time list of potential maintenance responsibilities and will be able to prioritize them. This benefit can help you plan your maintenance around scheduled projects, cleaning schedules, holidays etc. Furthermore, your company will save time and money.


In conclusion, condition monitoring benefits are endless and can have a tremendous impact on your company’s productivity levels. With Sumitomo’s CycloSmart condition monitoring system, you can help prevent unplanned downtime and save thousands. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries you might have or download our CycloSmart brochure.


CycloSmart for Industrial Gearboxes Brochure Download


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